Steuben brand reinvention:

Took a heritage crystal brand stuck in the 1960’s era of formal entertaining and made it relevant to today’s casual lifestyle.


Identified the target GenX customer and conducted discovery analysis around the category’s major barriers to purchase within the target audience. Identified strategic options for positioning which appealed to their interest in luxury product and casual entertaining.

Business Development

Created a new merchandising strategy focused on tabletop and functional pieces rather than collectibles. Edited the existing assortment and developed new products that had more relevance in look and pricepoint. Established a fresh brand identity including typography and visual language that shifted perception of the brand from formal to livable by focusing on celebrating everyday moments.


Complete strategic and creative development for the relaunch of Steuben including brand positioning, product design, merchandising plan, and go to market execution. Launched rollout of the new branding and product line across all channels, including catalogue redesign, major PR initiatives, front end Ecommerce enhancements and integrated social media efforts.

The Impact

A complete reinvention of the business resulted in 37% increase in unit sales, of which 62% was new product. Traffic to the Steuben site increased by 28% during the first 3 months of launch and national press showed triple digit YOY growth. 

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