Length Width Height Ecommerce launch:

Launched a start-up company for a compelling brand with an innovative customer experience in online custom furniture. 


Analyzed the competitive landscape for upholstered furniture in the online space and identified an offering and experience that would provide a differentiated solution for the target millennial customer. Identified the ideal balance of customized product options within the context of  a seamless web experience.

Business Development

Sourced developers to design and build the proprietary, fully configurable online experience. Vetted the primary manufacturing partners which laid the economic groundwork for a mutually beneficial partnership. Developed the business plan and beta site to pitch the company to VC investors. 


Completed strategic development of brand positioning, identity, product + service offering, marketing plan and financials. Launched beta site for proof of concept.

The Impact

Created full buy-in from outside resources to launch the company in its complete state.

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