DwellStudio style strategy:

Built a business around a branded partnership between DwellStudio and Robert Allen leveraging the market trend for modern prints. 


Identified key brand attributes from each partner in order to clarify how the new licensed partnership would both align and differentiate from the two existing brands.  Determined a void in the market and created a design brief identifying the brand purpose of delivering trendsetting modern design which challenged the market norms. 

Business Development

Utilizing a client-first approach, we created a merchandising plan that captured the largest market share while still maintaining a cohesive look. The final assortment resulted in a wide range of pricepoints and styles, allowing the brand to cascade from the high-end interior design trade to multimillion dollar programs with retailers selling direct-to-consumer.


The launch of the co-branded partnership leveraged both the hip factor and strong digital presence of the DwellStudio brand with the market coverage and reputation of Robert Allen. It included a curated, customer specific approach in both presentation and timing. 

The Impact

Our compelling take on prints solidified the brand’s position as a trend leader and established a successful formula which led to a long-term multimillion dollar franchise with 12 collections spanning both residential and hospitality markets.

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